Linosa, il tuo viaggio nel cuore del Mediterraneo


La casa si suddivide in 3 appartamenti:

Why Linosa?


A hidden gem in the heart of the Mediteranean sea characterisezed by a incontamined biodiversity, Linosa is the ideal holiday destination for all the sea and nature lovers.


In a unique and spectacular setting you will be able to enjoy your days relaxing at the sea and swimming in the cristal clear waters or enjoying one of the many different activaties and excursions available on the island  like fishing, birdwatching, diving and sailing just to name a few.

Its paticular position along the migrative routes of many animals has made it a protected sanctuary for many specimen, even at risk of extinction like the shearwater and the caretta-caretta turtles. The observation of the colonies is an incredible experience for all the appasionates of animals and wilderness.


You will remain enchanted by the scenary and the vibrating contrast of colours created by the black of the volcanic land, the green of the mediteranean bush, the vibrant colours of the houses and the intense blue of the sea.

On the island the foodies will be able to sample the wide selection of local biodinamic and ecosostainable produce and the tradiional flavours and freshness of the island's cuisine will satisfy the most demanding palates.

But it will be especially be the warmth, genuinity and secular tradition of marittime hospitality of the islanders as well as their love and respect for their land to conquer your hearts.


For these and many other reasons,

Linosa is your holiday in the heart of the Mediterranean!

We can't wait to give you a heartly welcome in our little piece of paradise.

For further information please contact us.

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