Linosa, il tuo viaggio nel cuore del Mediterraneo


La casa si suddivide in 3 appartamenti:


Typical products

Taste and biodynamic quality


The products we are presenting you on this page are rigorously biological and biodynamic, as they are only cultivated with the aid of natural manure's. All the stages of the growth, from plantation to collection, are carried out using rudimental tools and traditional methods that leave no carbon traces. The use of pesticides is obviously boycotted, except for copper sulphate that is a 100% organic.The fine taste and quality of the products is due not only to the rigorous biological growth process but to the particular stable microclimate that maintains a constant temperature across the year and to the rich volcanic soil of the island.


Black mulberry jam

Also the fishing is still carried out on small scale by the islanders, each islander has his small boat that he uses to catch the many qualities of blue fish available in the sea. At the end of the day the produced is either consumed or bottled for future consumption.

All the products are put in sterilized containers and vacuum sealed for a long term conservation. Once sealed the jams and preserves can conserve their quality for up to 36 months. Once opened they need to be stored in the fridge and consumed within 10 days. During the production no preservatives or additives are used, only natural thickeners like lemon zest, lemon or apple juice depending on the jam. In the vegetable and fish preserves the oil and vinegar act's as antibacterial and natural preservative, and for this reason it's necessary to add a drop of oil once opened to ensure that the product remains completely submerged to avoid contact with the air and the creation of molds.

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