Linosa, il tuo viaggio nel cuore del Mediterraneo


La casa si suddivide in 3 appartamenti:

Services and Excursions

A breathtaking scenary

Every guest that stays for a week or more will receive a free ticket that will allow him to take a free tour of the island on the boat or to enjoy the view of the sunset with the colony of Berte Maggiore in the boat of the famous "Red Baron". The packet also includes a taste of local biological products. 

il barone rosso linosa.pnggiro dell'isola in barca linosa.pngtour operetor linosa .pnggiro dell'isola in barca linosa.png

The Errera family offers a complete tour that will allow you to discover and admire the beauty of the island as well as curiosities and stories concerning tha island history and traditions.

The detailed tour plan is as follows:


  • Departure for the boat trip around tha island with legendary "Barone Rosso" (Red Baron) who will show you beatiful bays, creeks and grottos only reachable by sea. In-between a swim and a dive he will also act as your guide telling you about the history of the island, its tradition's and all the secrets and mysteries that envelop Linosa. 

or alternatively

  • Tour in the interland of the island by minibus in the green of the island. A volcanic island with unique and stunning view. The main attractions visited are: the natural pool, the counts bay, the chaplains ditch and Pozzolana's western cala.


  • A break in the bar and/or restaurant Errera where you will be able to taste and savor the excellent typical local produce.
  • At the bar you will be able to taste the famous Granite including the Mulberry one and a wide assortment of locally produced ice creams and cakes.
  • The Restaurant located next to the Bar at the old harbor offers a beautiful view of the sea and an extensive menu that varies depending on the availability of the fish.To greet you upon arrival you will find an inviting buffet of mixed starters between which marinated tuna,swordfish carpaccio,beccafico sardines,mackerel meatballs and many other delicious dishes. Between the first courses you will find the famous lentil soup,caserecce of swordfish and aubergine,linguine with fennel and mullet and many others.For the second courses fish is the main feature with the most requested dishes being swordfish with lemon cream,stuffed squids and cuttlefish etc.


  • Tour of the hinterland of the island in minibus.


  • The unmissable sunset with the shearwaters always in company of the Barone Rosso, named like that for his skill in riding the waves with is boat and getting into the most inaccessible inlets. In the ruby red of the twilight hundreds of shearwaters dive into the sea to catch some fish to feed they babies nested on the cliff side.
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